The Eyeballer™

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Let's face it, you're pretty good at knowing where your picture goes on the wall already just by holding it up and looking at it. It's just so damn hard to know exactly where to put the nail once you pull it off the wall. With The Eyeballer™, (and your wonderful eyes) you've now found the quick and easy way to make that happen (and without using math!)

The Eyeballer™ works best on walls with sheetrock or a similar firmness, and (for now) is made to ONLY work on the triangle-shaped D-rings found on many stock frames. (see pictures for reference) Sold in packs of 4, or 10.

Currently only shipping to the continental US. Thanks so much for stopping by! Please come back and tell us how it worked out for you.

If you would like to find wholesale pricing for The Eyeballer™, please send us a note!